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FYI, You can use easycron.com to setup an hourly hit against the Secret RSS feed URL to ensure the data is continuously collected.

cron isn't an option since your are in a shared PHP instance.


Not as easy as suggested

What for example do you put in the following fields?

Fill in the following settings.
Description: My ThinkUp installation
Callback URL: plugins/twitter/auth.php

Kim East

Curious... Cascadia, did you get your question answered?

We're considering ThinkUp.

We run on a Citrix virtual desktop. Does anyone know if that is an issue?


This is awesome. Thanks for the video.

Question, though:

I'm about to hit the 3200 tweet barrier and want to archive my tweets before they begin to be locked up in Twitter's inaccessible Secret Disney Vault. I notice with the free account you get 100 MB of space.

How big of a ThinkUp database does that equate to? 100 MB worth of 140 character messages should be, effectively, infinite tweets for personal use. But I don't know how to estimate how much of analysis data Think Up can store with 100 MB.


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