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Account Deleted

Wait, you mean there's no web-based app?


ThinkUp is a web app that runs on your own server. If you're not comfortable setting up your own server, you can use the ThinkUp Launcher, which will create a ThinkUp install for you on Amazon's EC2 in a minute or so.

Phillip Berry

you could also download wamp server

Richard Ivan

Thanks for the tips guys. Gogo Gina!


I couldn't find any reference to it, so I thought I should ask here:

Does this version has an API via which I could access the data ThinkUp stores? For me it is interesting that ThinkAp aggregates data from different sources, so I thought I could use it as a gateway for my app.

Thanks and keep up with the great work!

Tevya Washburn

You know what would make ThinkUp perfect? It's awesome in how it allows you to view and get stats on social stuff. But the ability to post updates to Twitter, Facebook (& pages), and Google+ (& pages); and interact with followers, would make it many times more useful and powerful.

The next step (for someone who manages multiple social campaigns) would be to have different "brands" in one install. So you can have X Twitter account, X Facebook page, and X Google+ page in one "brand" group, and quickly post the same message to all 3. Plus view aggregate stats across all 3 networks. But still be able to switch to another brand and view/update/interact with another set of tied accounts for that brand.

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