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Rebecca Hanson

Hi Clay,

This seems to be a coherent evaluation of 'where we are now'.

I spend my time thinking about 'where we are going' and the tool for democracy which particularly excites me is online mass discussion. Traditionally consultation has allowed parties to put forward their views to the body in charge and initial web configurations mirror this.

However discussion forums, comment streams on blogs and so on give participants the opportunity to have multiple interactions with each other, allowing them to substantially widen and deepen their insights and the quality of the insights they offer during the process of consultation.

I believe this process will lead to substantial improvements in the quality of democracy and the rate at which high quality intellectual capital can be generated by society.

I'm currently exploring the practicalities of making such forums work, managing the problematic issues which occur on them and mapping the information presented and the insights which emerge during discussion.

Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Rebecca Hanson

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