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I'm too busy now, but I hope this project is part of the Google Summer of Code, I'd really like to work on some of these ideas.

Account Deleted

I want to help. I'm a designer. Maybe with some UI improvements for the ThinkUp app?.

Anil Dash

@Bochenn we definitely design help! One area that I know is a huge opportunity is actually the ThinkUpApp.com page itself. Right now it sorta looks like the app, but doesn't really do much to communicate the potential that a regular user can get from using ThinkUp. We'd love to see some work there!


Good deal. What feature do you want/need? I can code pretty much anything in php and YUI3 JS library. But I am not a big fan of Apple, honestly I would not work for Ipad. Would you consider offering an Android tablet of similar price instead? I really want to get the new Samsung Galaxy tab! The reason for this is that I know Java relatively well and tried my hand in Android app development.

Anil Dash

Snytkine, we love Android too! We'd be happy to substitute if that's what you prefer and your work is the winning entry.

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